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Project Management
Our team has more than a dozen years managing IT projects. We have utilzed both formal and informal formats, brief and extended. Some projects by their size require a downsized project management structure while larger more complex projects with dashboard reporting may require full PM oversight. We provide management over various SDLC methodologies...

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Software Development
Our Professional Staff has more than 20 years experience developing both small and large projects, from real time systems to internet and business. We utilize state-of-the-art tools and technologies focusing primarily on the Microsoft Stack.

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Sharepoint 2010-2016
Sharepoint has been around as a portal solution since the late 90s but has only recently gained footing as a complete Business Solution. We have 3+ years experience developing custom applications with Sharepoint 2010.

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Database Systems
Our team has more than a 20 years developing and managing database systems (Sql, Azure, MongoDb, MySql).

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